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01-01-2018 - 00:00
For various cleaning procedures it’s necessary to check the cleanliness en bacterial values of the cleaned tanker.We are able to carry out the following measurements:ATP, pH, turbidity and conductivity.  
06-06-2017 - 00:00
In collaboration with Gröninger we changed the layout of the cleaning.In the new situation we have at the front of the cleaning two cleaningbays and at the end of the cleaning two drying bays.Trough these adjustments we’ve created a better workflow and faster cleaning times. 
12-03-2017 - 00:00
To make the work environment for our cleaners as ergonomic and safe as possible we decided to change the layout of our cleaning.We have made a new workingplatform, via this platform it is possible to enter a vehicle on all 4 working places, including a fall arrest system. 
15-01-2017 - 00:00
We installed a brand new drying installation. Delivered by Gröninger.This dryer is capable in drying 2 tankers at the same time using hot or cold air.As a result of this, the lead time is reduced severely. 
01-01-2017 - 00:00
In our cleaning are multiple changes implemented, such as a brand new floor coating.But first we made new wastewater collection pits. Through these pits we are able to separate solid from liquid in an early stadium.After that we finished the work floor with a brand new Epoxy coating.Resulting in a... Lees meer
11-09-2015 - 11:20
As of 1 september 2015 started the company Ceaning Limpens Maastricht. Cleaning Limburg is now Cleaning Limpens Maastricht.The people and service will always stay the same.With this cleaning we expand our servicepackage besides the two excisting cleaningplants in Elsloo and Bottrop (G).We would... Lees meer
18-10-2013 - 10:00
Over many years Limpens is a partner and financial sponsor of Warchild.This year also we have done a substantial donation.This helps Warchild in supporting more than 800 children in their effort of “taking out, the war of a child”. More information, or even better, for supporting Warchild, www.... Lees meer